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An allergy to cocoa

An allergy to cocoa is one of the varieties of such a disease as the food allergy. What is it? It is the effect of the allergen (the substance or some component that is part of the product) on the immune system of the person. Typically, only several ingredients that are parts of the product provoke the allergy.

It is clear why an allergy develops. The protein that is included in the composition of cocoa or chemical compounds that are used in the processing of this product cause it. An allergic reaction can also be triggered by other food that contains cocoa even in small proportions. That is why if you suspect that you are sensitive to this drink, you should exclude cocoa and chocolate from your ration.

Some may ask – why I can not eat chocolate? The answer is simple. Cocoa – is a basis of each chocolate. There is 50% of cocoa in bitter chocolate, in the black one – about 40%, and in milk chocolate – 35-40%.

Now let`s figure out which cocoa ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction.

The chemical composition of cocoa:

  • 54,0% of fats;
  • 11.5% of proteins;
  • 9.0% of cellulose;
  • 7.5% of starch and polysaccharides;
  • 6.0% of tannins;
  • 5.0% of water;
  • 2.6% of mineral substances and salts;
  • 2.0% of organic acids and flavors;
  • 1.0% of saccharides;
  • 0.2%of caffeine.

There is a fact that can assure you not to eat chocolate at all. Did know that cocoa beans are usually inhabited by cockroaches, because cocoa beans are considered to be their favorite and main food. And all the gathered cocoa beans, as a rule, are processed together with the same inhabitants-cockroaches, because it is physically impossible to completely clear beans from them.

It explains the presence of such a common allergy to chocolate and cocoa products. It is because of chitin. A cockroach shell is a highly allergenic element. Chitin is absolutely insoluble in water, very resistant to various dilute acids, alcohol, alkalis and other organic solvents.

For example, in Thailand, where the cockroaches are cooked daily, they remove the shell in advance, to avoid any allergic reactions to this chitin.

So try to choose the right quality chocolate, if you still want to eat it. Otherwise, there is a chance to get a food allergy.

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  1. It is very important to read labels carefully! If it is written that “can consist”, that means it is “more likely to consist” 🙂

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