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The elegant side of the pendulum can also be used on long hair

The darker hair color for such a simple hairstyle, student MM childish, pear head naturally without affectation, free hair styling you’ll want.

Is derived from the inspiration of the side door analysis stylist short hairball head BOB improvements within the volume of hair styling, as well as heavy haircut design, make you look young face.

The hot energy of the mature feminine hair, long bangs with a side of the sub-effect, big hair arrhizus clear, such as the European and American hair is simple atmospheric Fan children, sexy, charming.

Haircut or advocating a layered design, CHI Flat Iron assembly line haircut, so you do not see the slightest flaws, coloring the hair dynamic three-dimensional perm full 3D feel. What is the most fashionable in Europe and America Fan children? Today Xiaobian to introduce you to the most popular in Europe and America in the long hair I Street shoot models to teach you how to interpret fashion trends in hair!

The elegant side of the pendulum can also be used on long hair, casual atmosphere, the feeling is that the trend in Europe and America CHI Straightener Fan children.

Natural black hair and a classic-fitting, long straight hair CHI Straightener and hit colored clothing with a personal style. Fluffy exposed the amount of long hair especially significant gas field, hair styling lazy random, but the most fashion style.

Long straight hair is very suitable for a warm spring, a sexy dress for the spring to add enthusiasm. Little face hair pursuit of the goal of MM who own face fat is not so perfect they do not want to solve through surgery, in fact, suitable for your hair can also help you to solve the CHI Hair Straightener face Oh, and amazing hair modeling not only allows you to shine made you change little face.

The whole head of fluffy curls, you dare to try? Personality hairstyle bird’s nest shape allows you to shine at the moment it is a bold fashion hairstyle.

Although this hairstyle seemingly very different, but the little face hair ruffled explosion hair design you face-lift!

Pear head of hair has been the focus of Japanese hair, lovely Qi Liu is cute doubled.

This lovely hairstyle is focused on the air a sense of hair, cute and lovely hair design to see how you are not fat face.

Bud’s head is definitely solved a lot of face height problem sweet hair, CHI Hair Straightener tall bud head is really good with it.

The hair more full throughout the bud, oblique fringe to create little face hair, if you like can be used with the hair bands more eye-catching.

Retro hairstyle feminine-fat dish, side of the sub-fringe design face-lift!, March 7 to open a little face coup.

The little face, long curly hair that everyone loves, eye-catching blond in the crowd is the focus of attention.